DBX to PST Conversion tool to convert DBX to PST

A magnificent solution for a magnanimous task

The first thing that comes to your mind in the name of DBX to PST conversion is the technical knowledge involved. Not being much into the technology, the very sound of DBX to PST Conversion rings a bell that has you seeking out the solution to accomplish the said task. For most of the work involving software has to be technical one way or the other, you cannot extract the technology from the very task, so you have to have a middle path, which is to know your way around the technical aspect. That is what the DBX to PST Converter helps you with.

  • The process is fast and uncomplicated
  • Few and easy steps to go through

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This software emerges as the best way to deal with the conversion of DBX to PST. There are few steps for you to go through, which you can easily comply about with a few clicks. There is not much for you to do, expect for to select the files and pressing on the option of “convert messages”.

This one software has the solution Transfer DBX to PST with hundred of DBX emails. It becomes the perfect means to get around the technicality of the conversion. And you don’t even need extra assurance for the safety of the data, for that is the forte of this software.

DBX to PST Conversion Program – Features and Moves

  • You are provided the Batch conversion method
    To convert bulks of DBX emails into PST and save up on the precious time much useful elsewhere.
  • Swift conversion of the email properties
    The mailbox properties (inbox, outbox, etc), header properties (To, Cc, etc) and attachments files are accepted for conversion.
  • Inclusion of Email formatting in the conversion process
    The HTML and RTF formatting are not lost in the conversion. You get to retain the font size, font color, line, line color and all.
  • Outlook Express and Outlook version supported
    - Outlook Express version 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0
    - The MS Outlook version 2003, 2007 and 2010 are supported
  • A competent Windows OS based tool
    The software is designed to work on Windows and is compatible with the whole lot of them.

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Free demonstration

This demo conversion process is for 10 emails only. No payment is requisite for the use of demo version.